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Are Smart Home Locks Worth It?

More and more homeowners in Wolverhampton are adopting smart home technology. From a smart thermostat to Alexa, there are plenty of gadgets that can make our homes more functional. But what about smart home locks? Are they safe, and are they worth the money? We provide specialist keyholding services in Wolverhampton, so our team knows a thing or two about locks. In this post, we’ll answer the burning question: are smart home locks worth it?

Advantages of Smark Locks

Whether you’ve locked yourself out or a relative shows up when you’re not in, it’s a sinking feeling not being able to access your property when you need to.

Open Your Door From Anywhere

Smart locks are a great solution to this. They allow you to open your door from anywhere using the app. Some even come with a keypad so guests or workpeople can gain access to your home just by having the right code.

See Who’s At Your Property

Many new smart locks integrate with smart doorbells, too, giving you video footage of anyone who comes to your door. This is useful if someone is trying to break in and allows you to inform your alarm response company that much quicker.

Drawbacks of smart locks

Although smart locks do come with some great benefits, they also have some serious drawbacks to consider.

Vulnerable to Hackers

The most crucial one is the vulnerability to hackers. Since smart locks utilise Bluetooth and WiFi to function, hackers can open them fairly easily if they want to.

Battery Power Could Fail

Many smart locks run on battery power, which saves the time and cost of having them wired into your home. However, this means they require regular maintenance and run the risk of failing if you’re late changing the batteries.

May Have to Downgrade Your Deadbolt

Finally, most smart locks only work with specific types of deadbolts. If your home doesn’t pair with your smart lock, you might end up having to downgrade your lock to make it work with the tech. This leaves your home more vulnerable to break-ins since it is easier to break the lock.

The Safe Alternative to Smart Locks

If you’re always locking yourself out of your house or need a safe way for others to access your home while you’re at work or away, there is a safe, affordable alternative to smart locks.

Our keyholder service in Wolverhampton means you’ve always got a spare key on hand. We can be at your property within twenty minutes to let you in if you’re locked out or to check on your house for you while you’re away.

We’re trusted by countless homeowners in Wolverhampton, who choose us for our affordable, reliable, and highly secure service. To get a quick, free quote for our keyholding services, call us today: 01902 561 326


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